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2019 Jalen and Matrix  

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2018 Jalen and Matrix   Download Full CD
Download Mailer List
2017 Jalen and Matrix   Download Full CD
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2016 Jalen and Matrix

2015 Jalen and Matrix  
2014 Jalen and Matrix  
2013 Jalen and Matrix  
2012 Jalen and Matrix
2012 Jalen/Matrix Greatest Hits
2011 Jalen
2011 Matrix
2010 Jalen
2010 Matrix
2009 Jalen
2009 Matrix
2008 Jalen
2008 Matrix
2019 Jalen   Download Full CD

2019 CD Mailer PDF

2018 Jalen   Download Full CD

2018 CD Mailer PDF

2018 Jazz Catalog PDF

2017 Jalen   Download Full CD

2017 CD Mailer PDF

2017 Jazz Catalog PDF

2016 Jalen  
2015 Jalen  
2014 Jalen  
2013 Jalen  
2012 Jalen
2012 Jalen Greatest Hits
2011 Jalen
2010 Jalen
2009 Jalen
2008 Jalen
2010 Matrix
2009 Matrix
2008 Matrix

To play the full CD's just click on the link and it will stream to your computer. To download the full CD right click on the link. From the pop up menu select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser and save the file to your computer. This is a very large file and we do not recommend the save option for users on a modem connection. When you have the file saved to your computer you can upload it to your MP3 player or I Pod using your software. The same method may be used to save individual tracks after clicking on that button.

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